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wenger3eThe world of journalism today is all about multimedia. If you’re teaching it, studying it or practicing it, Advancing the Story: Journalism in a Multimedia World is for you.

The new third edition of this cutting-edge text includes substantial revisions but retains the essential strengths of the original text: clear instruction on reporting and producing for multiple platforms; real-world examples and advice from professional journalists; discussion questions and hands-on exercises. A new structure clarifies the focus of each chapter, allowing users to review material either thematically (writing, storytelling and producing) or by medium (broadcast and multimedia). New screen shots, images and examples are included throughout. There’s also an intensified focus on the use of social media and mobile devices in gathering and disseminating news.

“No other text does such a thorough job of integrating new media into traditional TV reporting,” says Michael Cremedas of Syracuse University.

“This book is ideal for beginners AND old pros,” says CNN’s Candy Crowley. “It’s a comprehensive how-to, chock full of strategies for journalists in the new age of ‘multi-platforms.’ I learned a lot.”

Media General’s Dan Bradley says it’s also great tool for newsroom managers. “This book should become a standard in many newsrooms around the country as seasoned, single platform journalists are challenged to break out of their comfort zones and tell their stories using more than just one form of delivery.”

Advancing the Story, published by CQ Press, lists for $50. A series of online learning modules  featuring exercises and video can be purchased separately. “The online resources in particular have great content,” says George Daniels of the University of Alabama. A unique Ongoing Story module allows users to report and write a story from beginning to end.


Educators can request an exam copy directly from CQ Press.  Professional discount available for multiple-copy sales.

If you run across any inaccuracies while using the text, the online modules or this blog, let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks!



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